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Are you missing out on opportunities for CRA service credit?

Many financial institutions currently rely on spreadsheets and manual tracking and reporting to capture their community development activities. These efforts are often time consuming and error prone, making it easy to miss out on opportunities for gaining CRA service credits.

See how CSR software can save your business time and money, reduce administrative burden, and help optimize your programs by making it easy to manage your CRA activities when you sign up for our exclusive ebook, Optimize Your CSR Programs For CRA Compliance.

Implementing a meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program can produce many positive outcomes for your business. When it comes to supporting individuals and communities in need, a well-executed CSR initiative can significantly increase employee engagement and retention, bring positive brand awareness, offer name recognition, brand loyalty, and more!

What You’ll Get In this Guide

Identify, Track,
& Capture

Learn how to effectively identify, track, and capture CRA service credits using CSR software.

Unique Positioning

Explore how CSR software is uniquely positioned to support financial institutions.

Say Goodbye to
Manual Data Management

View the breakdown of why you shouldn’t rely on manual tracking and reporting.

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