Grantmaking Transformed

How funders are proactively adapting to sweeping societal change

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Grantmaking Transformed

Events of the past few years, including the Black Lives Matter movement and a global pandemic, have shaken many elements of a global society. These events have also placed tremendous strain on philanthropic foundations that are working to address monumental issues.

Many funders have risen to the challenge. They’ve re-thought and realigned their philanthropy efforts to become more proactive in addressing ever-evolving needs. This eBook details the current landscape and provides strategies for adapting philanthropy efforts to achieve maximum impact.

Read revealing insights on:

  • The impetus for transformations across the grantmaking lifecycle
  • How funders have also made changes to their grantmaking practices
  • Making inclusivity all-encompassing
  • New models for shifted priorities, including participatory and trust-based grantmaking
  • Identifying opportunities to maximize your resources to support your new and evolving grantmaking models

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